Digital Transformation and Acceleration

Digital Transformation and Acceleration

We combine technology, our knowledge and experience in the field, to lead our clients, partners and collaborators to take full advantage of opportunities at a level that guarantees their competitiveness and demands to scaleautomate the work that people do, connect their clients with people, companies with supply chains and their key processes, achieving a more predictive, assertive, efficient company.


The idea or need to transform your organization and lead it from the highest level.

  • This implies a real transformation, a cultural change and the way the organization operates, so it must be led by the CEO and he must delegate and empower an orchestrator, who makes the change happen. The CEO supports the transformation so that it is meaningful. Roles and responsibilities must be defined with a strong and committed team, incessantly seeking the desired impact.

To your clients, to the digital progress and transformation in your environment and your industry, as well as to the real capacities of your organization.

  • It is necessary to rediscover what happened in the world, in the markets, sectors and our clients, to have a complete vision of this new agile, digital and totally changing environment of today.
  • We must rediscover the new environment where we operate, where the competitors are no longer necessarily the traditional ones, but also those new players that are disrupting our industry or could do so in the short or medium term. We must identify those new companies or startups that we must take into account to co-create with them or perhaps even acquire them.
  • We need to review the real capabilities we have in the context of this new digital environment: do we have the right people, the digital savvy and the agile mindset required? do we have the technological infrastructure and the appropriate processes that are required today.

The role of your organization and the strategy to follow in the new digital environment, and identify the necessary skills to successfully face the challenges of transformation.

  • We must redefine the role that we want to have as an organization, what strategies we must follow to achieve it and, above all, what skills we must develop in terms of technology, data, people and processes: should we adjust our business model towards a digital model where platforms are used? or is the data monetized? Should we embrace open innovation and co-create and co-innovate with startups around our industry?

The base capabilities of your organization, in terms of people, data, technology and processes, to successfully drive the innovation engine.

  • In order to create an engine that constantly re-imagines the value we deliver to our customers and the entire operation, the foundations must be laid from the point of view of technology, data, people and processes, so that great ideas, improvements and innovations can be carried out successfully.
    • Technology : adopting a “mobility and cloud first” framework, agile development frameworks and DevOps practices for new applications, a microservices architecture to access legacy applications, etc.
    • Data : having clean and centralized data, having modern and powerful data loading and exploitation tools, implementing data governance processes, having analytical capabilities to exploit information, etc.
    • People – Adopt an agile mindset, have an organization that is flat and really fosters innovation, being wrong fast, building digital skills, etc.
    • Processes : identify and prioritize areas of opportunity, properly handle change management, have a continuous process of capturing insights from customers, etc.

The experience and value you deliver to your external and internal customers, and your entire operation.

  • This is the ultimate goal of the transformation: to create an engine, an internal innovation machine, driven by data and technology, which, keeping the customer at the center, continuously re-imagines the business model, the value that is delivered to the customer and the whole operation.
  • The engine that drives digital transformation aims to turn every task, process, and decision into a cycle of experimentation: execute, measure, learn, and iterate.

At this point we can use methodologies such as Design Thinking and Lean Start Up to empathize with the external and internal client, and identify opportunities for improvement that translate into specific challenges to attack with multidisciplinary teams. These teams, in turn, must generate concepts or solutions that meet the challenge posed, and that are tested and “tested” with prototypes that can be validated with the client, and that are then developed and put into practice using development frameworks. agile like Scrum and Kanban.

Based on concrete and viable challenges that give credibility to the trip and ensure long-term effort.

We must look for quick results, those famous “quick-wins”, that allow us to give credibility to the trip. It is key to identify specific challenges or opportunities for change, of great impact, but that at the same time can be carried out with the technology that we have, with the data that we can access, and with the people and their current capacities, so that can be executed in the time and manner required to deliver quick results, ensuring long-term effort.

Redefine the role of your organization for the new environment.

Inevitably from time to time we will have to restart the process, rediscover and redefine again what role we want to have as an organization in the environment in which we find ourselves, because technology will surely continue to evolve and will surpass us.

To understand the impact of the rapid evolution of technology, we used Martec’s law which says that technology changes at an exponential rate, while organizations, due to their inherent limitations, change at a logarithmic rate. It is something unavoidable.

We must anticipate and quickly take advantage of what is coming, aiming to truly be the spearhead and pioneers, constantly being disruptive in our sectors, always taking advantage of the latest technologies.


• Faster response to changes
• Better customer experience
• Generate new business opportunities
• Promote innovation and position yourself as a cutting-edge company
• Competitive advantage in the market
• Alignment of technology with strategic objectives
• Automation of business processes
• Information consistency and security
• Increased productivity and collaboration
• Decrease in operating costs


• Software development
•Near Sourcing
• Quality Assurance Services
• Consulting
• Saas
• Office 365 for Business
• Tichem
• TransLife
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