It becomes the key piece for the flexibility of growth in the IT area, since this model provides experts in continuous evolution using mechanisms such as agile methodologies and models, monitoring tools, code libraries and components that guarantee productivity. and its efficiency. We have a group of experts with whom they accompany and advise the collaborators. We know of the growth and importance that information systems have taken within organizations; Under this premise, the demand in the search to optimize the quality of the processes, the reduction of time, productivity, efficiency and, above all, profitability, we have created the NearSourcing service.

Be 1.5 more productive than the competition...

Pillars of NearSourcing


• Flexibility in growth
• Implementation and adoption of emerging technologies
• Guarantee of the assigned collaborator
• Methodologies and models that ensure employee performance
• Transfer of knowledge and skills
• Implementation of Best Practices
• Advice and technological support from KSP and our partners


• Software Architects
• Database Specialists
• Developers
• Testers and QA’s
• Operations Analyst
• Technical support and infrastructure
• Service Desk
• Project managers
• Team coordinators
• Project leader
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