Office 365 Enterprise

Office 365 Enterprise

Our service integrates and personalizes tools, platforms and information that allow you to formalize and make your company digital, with strategic and specific objectives and indicators (KPI’s), empowering your collaborators, allowing you to streamline and automate processes and workflows, optimize times, connect your customers with people, companies with supply chains and the delivery of your products or services, having real-time information that allows you to make decisions in a timely manner, making your company more predictive, assertive, efficient and profitable .

The service consists of the following stages:

• Advisory
• Consulting
• Definition
• Enabling
• Setting
• Personalization
• Integration
• Accompaniment
• Training
• Follow-up

We achieve more predictive, assertive, efficient and profitable companies.

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Before Then

collaboration site

Before Then


Before Then


Before Then

Enterprise and private platforms and tools

• Improving internal and external customer service
• Increasing internal and external collaboration
• Optimizing processes
• Creating new business models
• Reducing costs
• Improving employee performance
• Security, protection and regulatory compliance
• Maintaining competitive advantage

Direct benefits of the service:

• Business and private platforms and tools
• Secure mail with corporate identity
• Collaboration and teamwork
• Process optimization and workflow automation
• Protection, security and regulatory compliance of information
• Efficiency and productivity
• Integration of platforms and information
• Real-time information for decision making (indicators and KPI’s)
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