The complete guide to digital transformation and adoption

The Conceptual Framework of Digital Transformation

The world in which we live is a world in which everything develops in a different way and in a different way.
and where permanent innovation produces daily changes that are
individuals (whether natural or juridical) have to join new companies, which are
business that will allow you not to be left behind in comparison to what is emerging from
explosive manner.

No matter how much you want to postpone the moment of change, the time will always come.
We will be obliged to do so, because to oppose it might
the extinction of our work model and all that this implies in terms of
economic consequences and a worsening quality of life.

This is where digital transformation comes in, because in a world that is increasingly moving in the right direction.
to control everything through electronic devices, one cannot pretend to be relevant in
the past, state-of-the-art technology is needed to help the business owner to
to develop, through efficient teams, everything that can position it as a
management model of what a modern business is.

This brings us closer to ensuring the profitability of the field in which we operate.
and thus take care of the assets of those who depend on us for
company. All of this is also achieved with high quality teams of people that
perfectly combine the digital with the human.

Technology trends that support the growth of digital transformation in

However, in order to keep up with the high-speed pace of today’s world, it is necessary to
the trends in the technology environment are known, since starting from
This base will allow us to be on the right track in terms of production and profitability.

Information Technology (IT) has become fundamental to understand the direction in which we are headed.
should be taken for growth in the area of digital transformation, since these being
a process of data transformation by which the production of a data set is sought.
information that can later be analyzed to make decisions regarding the
the point investigated, the need arises for personnel with expertise in the subject and
to provide quality advice on the decisions to be made.

There are, for example, leaders in this area who work according to the model
NEARSOURCING 1.5, a model that aims to comply with what is
The work has been planned in advance at the workplace, but with work that is intended to
one of the primary purposes of any institution: profitability.

But this is only a small sample of what was a trend this year, as there are others such as the so-called hybrid experiences, since the pandemic times have accelerated what was predicted for the future, a combination of digital and physical. Having an application programming interface is also essential to be a little more efficient for what is coming, since this way we are closer to satisfy the customer’s needs while the businessman adapts to the new times. Finally, having quality automation systems in place, results in accelerated results in terms of efficiency.

Barriers to integration and why companies struggle with their own integration agenda.

It is no surprise to anyone that the new usually generates opposition, because it
opening up to an unknown direction may mean losing the “stability” of which one is
is enjoying at present, even though it is not producing the expected results. And why, if there is no
results continue to be achieved in the same way? Because habit causes a
comfort from which it is impossible to escape, even if goals are not being met.
of the beginning.

It also happens that successful companies refuse to undergo the transformation process.
because it is thought that there is no need to change if things are going well, without understanding
that in today’s world, what may be giving me results in the present may be giving me results in the future.
tomorrow it may be totally obsolete. This also happens because even if we want to
automate and digitize everything, in the end we humans are the ones who give that authorization and
if you are full of fears, it is impossible to take transcendental steps.

In strictly technological terms, systems inherited from the past can be one of the most important
the biggest stumbling blocks in the transition to a digital transformation, as they are
The data bases that will be used in the future need to be updated,
but they also lead to much of the information that is stored there becoming
The company’s basic principles cannot be eliminated, as they disrupt all the company’s fundamentals.

Also a barrier to advancement is the insecurity that arises with hackers, since
the more we go in search of a digital transformation that adapts to the needs of our customers.
the needs of today’s times, there are also people who are dedicated to the search for the
ways to violate these virtual structures and, if they succeed, they can provoke
disasters that end up affecting an infinite number of people.

The marketing management roadmap for a successful transformation

Marketing is one of the most important aspects nowadays for anyone who wants to have
success in business matters, since the way in which we manage to show the product that
The scope that we offer will determine the reach that it can have in the market where it is
and success in digital transformation goes hand in hand with an effective digital transformation.
good marketing management.

And as we mentioned in previous paragraphs, the unknown produces suspicion and if it happens in the
within the company, and even more so among customers, so if you do not work on a plan for
that can show you in a convincing way what we want to accomplish with
digital transformation, it is highly unlikely to succeed in what is being
search. We must understand that without an accurate marketing strategy, we are at the mercy of
lose previous and potential clientele.

Digital transformation also requires a restructuring of the business model.
business, since the transformation is not only changing the model to a digital one, but also to a digital one.
requires an overall understanding of the company’s qualified human resources, which
everyone believes in what is being done and has a conviction that this is the right course.
correct. This has to come first and foremost from the board and from there down to the rest of the bylaws.
of the chain of command.

Following this, it is extremely important to change the prevailing culture in the workplace,
digital readiness should be promoted, digital literacy should be promoted, and digital
education in this area so that all those involved speak the same language, think in the same way, and
and together manage to build a solid infrastructure in this area.

Why does your company need a strategic approach?

Without strategies, one lives with an uncertain destiny, it may happen that by
market situations, a momentary stability can be achieved by acting through
improvisation, but that will not have a sustainable result in the end, since it will always
Those with a specific and clear focus will prevail.

A strategic approach to digital transformation is necessary, because first and foremost, the
world is heading for exponential growth in this area and there are many companies that are
that they are fully involved in it, so entering as a competitor without a
The plan is to navigate in a sea destined to fail.

Digital transformation is a process that is carried out under the right guidelines.
guarantees a high probability of success, but patchwork is not going to work.
The approach to be taken in order to effect a total transformation must range from the
training of personnel and technology, applying the most advanced technologies in the field.
necessary tools, such as the cloud, the right software for the job, and the right
we want to carry out, the automation…

The world is moving at an exorbitant speed, as long as we keep working at a
that we can keep up with that vehement pace, we will continue to compete and
We must keep ourselves relevant, otherwise we will be ostracized. The
digital transformation is causing those who are working through it with the
the right strategic focus have the necessary profitability and the right production,
thus taking care of the assets that have been allocated for the realization of the
and bringing them to a point of multiplication.

Digital transformation is the future but it is also the present and focused with the lens.
the benefits of the world of technology, we can continue to enjoy the benefits that the world of